discovery & DD

The incubator is mandated to analyse technology related concepts and start-up ventures that have a high probability of market penetration once developed.

capital injection

Venture funding from concept to MVP is provided eligible startups. Further funding initiatives are pursued before the commercialisation stage of the venture.

product development

In-house development teams and product specisalists are used to assist in the development of the venture both from and technical and commercial perspective.

pentrating the market

Utilising a network across Asia and MENA consisting of distribution, product promotion and strategic partners, the venture is taken beyond MVP.

Recent projects

A few of our recent projects that are either in development or entering commercialisation.

For more information, please look at our current portfolio or feel free to contact the team for an update.

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Natural Gurus

A freelancer website for natural health professionals.

Australia's leading online financial services publication.

Expert Cave

A provider of webRTC communications for B2C market.

Online Will Centre

A provider of legal wills online (Australia).


A provider of legal POA's online (Australia).


SAAS provider for communication solutions.


Micro-jobs platform for iOS and Andriod.