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Nexus Card Activation: Nexus Card is an aid if you are traveling between the United States and Canada with family as well as kids. This card can also be issued by business professionals to speed up the border crossing procedure.

Nexus Card Activation

Nexus Card Activation

However, there are a set of requirements that one has to fulfill to get approved for this card. All the requirements have been mentioned below.

  • One has to be a permanent citizen of either the United States or Canada and should be residing for at least 3 years.
  • One should have a clean chit and shouldn’t be involved in any sort of criminal activity.
  • One must not have violated any sort of immigration laws.
  • One has to be truthful while filling out the application form for Nexus Card.

This card can also be issued to children who are below 18 years of age. The parent or guardian must apply for Nexus Card on behalf of these children. Certain documents are required during the form filling. Go through the list below and make sure you have all of these documents before you apply for Nexus Card.

  • Citizenship Proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Certificate for Citizenship

Once you have all the documents ready you can apply for the Nexus Card. As soon as you receive your card, make sure that you begin with the activation procedure immediately. This article will be enough for you if you are looking for activating your Nexus Card.

Activation Of Nexus Card Activation

Website activation is a pretty easy way of activating your Nexus Card. Since everything has taken over the online platform, why not card activation? As soon as you have an internet that works and a device using which you can operate the browser, you can follow the steps that have been listed below and go about activating your Nexus Card.

Nexus Card Activation

1.You will have to go on the TTP website and then try to log in with the help of your correct credentials.

2.You now have to agree to all the terms and conditions for this card.

3.Select the option saying “Activate Membership Card”. You will be able to locate this option pretty easily.

4.You will then be asked to enter some information. You will find everything at the back of your Nexus Card. You just have to read carefully and keep entering the detail that has been asked.

5.Your Nexus Card will be activated soon and you will be able to make use of it in the best way possible.

Application Procedure

The application procedure for the Nexus Card is not as difficult as it sounds. There are certain requirements that you have to fulfill in order to apply for this card. Once you fall into the category, you can follow the procedure given below in order to apply for Nexus Card.

1.You will be able to download the application form either from Canada’s Nexus Website or from the US government’s official website.

2.You now have to select the payment option.

3.You can then print confirmation to carry forward with the procedure.

4.You might have to wait for a while for approval as well as correspondence.

5.You will receive a Trusted Traveler Profile. However, make sure that you keep checking the status of your application every week. As soon as the status reads “Conditionally Approved”, you can go about to set an interview date with U.S Customs and Border Protection Agency. 

6.You will be called for an interview and once you successfully clear it, you will receive your Nexus Card within a few business days.

Using the Card Of Nexus Card Activation

This card is good for families who tend to travel with their kids between the United States and Canada. It will help these families to go through the custom as well as immigration control in a hassle-free manner. People involved in business will also find the Nexus Card useful as it will allow them to speed up the border crossing and also have a pre-approved status at all times.

You should always use the special lines for Nexus Cardholders at the airport in order to save time. You will get an advantage during busy days. You will also get an easy clearance during security check-in at some of the major airports in Canada. You will get a similar benefit at almost 150 airports in the United States. 

Nexus Card Activation

However, during the busy months of holidays or festivals, the waiting at borders is long. This can be very tiring if you are traveling with children. This is when your Nexus Card comes in handy. It will save a lot of your time. But, if you are traveling alone, it is not advised to apply for this card due to heavy costs. Also, if you are traveling in a car with non-Nexus Cardmembers, you will have to go through the regular check-in procedures.

Thus, the activation procedure along with the application process is pretty simple to follow. The application procedure might take some time and is a bit rigorous, however, this card is worth the wait if you are looking for easy travel between the United States and Canada. Make sure that you fulfill all the requirements and have the documents needed handy before applying for Nexus Card.

Q1) How to start with the Activation procedure of the Nexus Card?

A1) You will be able to activate your Nexus Card using the online platform only. You will have to go to the TTP website in order to activate your card.

Q2) How long with it take for Nexus Card to get approved?

A2) Once you are done with all the application formalities, it will take about six to eight weeks for the authorities to go through your application and see if you are fit for the Nexus Card.

Q3) How can I apply for Nexus Card?

A3) You can download the application form from Canada’s official website or through the US government’s website. You can then fill this form and set a date for the interview.

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