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Rcam.target.com: The Target Card is also known as the Red Card. You can make use of this card in the form of a credit card in different Target stores. You are likely to get a 5% discount on all the purchases you make using this card. Apart from this, you will not have to pay an annual fee and also have a cap of approximately 30 days in order to return or exchange any product you buy.



However, you start using your Target Card, it is important for you to activate it as soon as possible. The activation can be done using two different ways. You can take the help of the online mode or else make a call on the customer care number and take help to activate your card. Once you have chosen the procedure you are most comfortable with and are willing to follow it in order to activate your Target Card, you can now follow the steps that have been listed below. Try to go through every step properly.

Online Activation Of Rcam.target.com

Activating your Target Card online is possible only if you visit the official website of the target. No other site will allow you to start with your card activation. Make sure you have a good internet connection throughout your activation process and you also have a device on which you can open your browser.

1.The first thing you need to do is visit the official website of Target and start with the card activation procedure.

2.You will then be taken to a new page and you have to choose “Sign-up”. You can then click on “Create Account”.

3.You will now have to enter your email address to go forward with activating your Target Card.

4.Entering personal information like your name, address, and date of birth is also an important step during the card activation process. All this is important for verification purposes so make sure you enter the correct information.

5.You will have to create a strong password for your account. As soon as you do so, your card activation procedure will reach an end.

6.Your Target Card will soon be activated and you will be notified about the same.


Activation via Phone

Another simpler way of activating your Target Card is by calling the customer care service and asking for help. This is a very traditional method of card activation and you can make use of it if you are unable to get a hang of the online procedure. You can read the procedure given below to know more.

1.To start with the activation process, you will have to call on 1-800-544-2943. This will connect you to the customer care representative who will then help you in activating your card.

2.As soon as you are connected to any customer care representative you need to consult him/her regarding the Target Card activation.

3.You will then have to give your personal information like your full name,date of birth, and home address to the representative. All the information is necessary so make sure you have it handy so that you don’t waste a lot of time.

4.You now have to give card details as well like your card number, CVV code, the type of your card, and the expiry date as well.

5.Once you successfully complete all the steps, your Target Card will be activated and you will be notified regarding the same.

To sum everything up, the activation steps leading to your Target Card Activation are so simple to follow that anyone can do it. Go through each and every step properly so that you know about the requirements and the overall procedure. The different procedures you can choose from gives you the freedom to select the one that you are comfortable with. Both, online mode as well as contacting the customer care service can be done in a hassle-free way. 

Getting connected to the customer care representative in one try might not be possible at all times. This is because a lot of queries are dealt with at one time, and hence all the lined tend to be busy. During such a situation, you can wait for some time and then try again later. Once you are connected, you can ask the representative for help. Even if you have a doubt regarding the activation of your Target Card, you can call the customer care service at any time.


The application procedure for Target Card too is pretty easy. You just have to go on the official website of Target and fill out a form. Once you fill the form, your application will be verified and you will get your Target Card within a few business days. Do remember to start with the activation procedure once you get your Target Card. In case you end up losing your card, contact someone to help you and get your card blocked immediately. You can then apply for a new one which you are likely to receive in a short time.

Q1) What should I do to activate my target Card?

A1) You can activate your target Card by following different ways. You can either go on the official website and activate your card or else you can call the customer care service and ask the representative to help you out.

Q2) Is it necessary to activate my Target Card?

A2) Activating your Target Card is an important procedure if you wish to start using your Target Card. The activation procedure is pretty simple and you can do it easily provided you follow all the steps carefully.

Q3) Where can I use my Target Card?

A3) You can make use of your Target Card to make purchases at any Target store. You will be able to earn a 5% discount on different purchases you make using this card and also get 30 days to return or exchange any product you buy.

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